Peplink Firmware 8.0.1

Release Date: Oct 31, 2019

DPI Application Filtering: Added support for more applications such as YouTube, Netflix, What’sApp, and more. Added the ability to filter outbound policy and firewall rules by application.

Build L2 VPN, putting all devices and the FusionHub on the same : Build L2 VPN, putting all devices and the FusionHub on the same local network. Combine with VRF to create multiple isolated local networks in the same FusionHub.

Country-Based Firewall and Outbound Policy: Allow or deny traffic based on its country of origin. This is useful for enforcing territorial rights and restricting content to specific countries.

Fast Roaming Support: 802.11 k,r,v enable Wi-Fi clients to quickly switch between access points while using the same SSID. This improves user experience while optimizing the load of each AP.

Scheduled SIM Switching: Define a time of month to switch your SIM cards in a pair of redundant SIM. Useful for ensuring that both SIMs are used, as well as take advantage of promotional data plans.

The Enterprise Upgrade

Enterprise deployments have unique challenges: they operate thousands of sites and and require smooth videoconferencing regardless of the site location. Firmware 8 has the tools to fulfill these requirements:

New Provisioning Possibilities: Use the SIM Injector to add another 8x SIM cards to your deployment. Apply backup outbound policy rules to provide an extra layer of stability in case WAN lines drop out. Build VPN with simultaneous Layer 2 and Layer 3 tunnels, separating server and IP traffic in one stroke. Use DPI Traffic Steering to intelligently send traffic to specific WAN links within a SpeedFusion connection.

Connectivity Bottleneck Breakers: Use Forward Error Correction to combat packet loss while minimizing bandwidth consumption. Send SpeedFusion traffic via TCP to circumvent the service provider practice of throttling UDP Traffic. Use your router to send SMS to service providers that require SMS to resume service.

Road Warrior Ready: Securely access the corporate network from any remote device using OpenVPN.

New Provisioning Possibilities

SIM Injector Support: Add another 8x SIM cards to your HD2 Mini, HD2 Dome, SpeedFusion Engine, or MBX. The SIM Injector can operate up to 150m away from the router, making it easy to switch SIM cards.

Outbound Policy Fallthrough: Define contingency outbound policy rules in case the requested connection becomes unavailable, ensuring that the packet is still sent.

Concurrent Layer 2 / Layer 3 VPN: Both Layer 2 and Layer 3 tunnels can coexist in the same VPN profile. This enables servers to communicate using the Layer 2 tunnel while other traffic travels through the Layer 3 PepVPN Tunnel

Multi-Tenancy for FusionHub: Use VRF to separate client networks using the same or overlapping IP addresses. This enables you to serve multiple clients on the same virtual machine while keeping each client’s traffic isolated from each other.

DPI Traffic Steering: Send the traffic to specific WAN links through up to 5x SpeedFusion sub-tunnels. This enables prioritization of specific traffic (such as for videoconferencing applications) to specific WAN links (such as fiber).

Connectivity Bottleneck Breakers

Forward Error Correction: Special technology to mitigate the effects of packet loss, cousin of WAN Smoothing. Consumes less data than WAN smoothing, more suitable for 1-way communications such as live TV and video streaming.

SpeedFusion TCP Data Mode: To save data, some ISPs throttle UDP traffic. In such cases, SpeedFusion traffic would also be throttled. TCP Data Mode lets you work around this problem by encapsulating your data in TCP.

Send SMS Using Device API: Use our device API to send SMS messages directly from the router using your own software. This is useful for handling carriers that require you to send SMS messages to continue cellular service.

Road Warrior Ready

Access Network using OpenVPN: OpenVPN is a popular open-source VPN software available on almost all desktop and mobile platforms. Use OpenVPN to securely access your organization’s VPN network from any remote client.

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