Tsunami® MP-10250 BeamX Series


Tsunami® MP-10250 BeamX Series
Beam Steering Point to Multipoint System
4.9 – 5.8 GHz
Up to 28 dBm (dual chain)

Extending the Range of High Bandwidth Services

Designed to Maximize Bandwidth and Link Reliability in Noisy Environments

The Tsunami®MP-10250 BeamX product family uses a beam steering antenna and a secondary, look-ahead scan radio to avoid interference and maximize the use of available radio spectrum. The Tsunami® 10250, builds on the successful 10000 product line, and is extremely robust in the face of high ambient RF interference, delivers more Mbps and opens up additional 5GHz spectrum.

The Tsunami® MP-10250-BeamX device supports the following features for applications that include last mile access or video surveillance, both of which need prioritized and continuous high-speed broadband wireless access:

Proxim WORP® – Combines network access control, data scheduling, advanced QoS, and encryption to ensure highly efficient and secure data transmission.

Proxim SmartConnect™, Delivering exceptional performance in noisy RF locations by combining a beam steering antenna with a secondary look ahead scan radio to seek, manage, and select the best channel.

Proxim ClearConnect™, a suite of interference mitigation technologies ensuring robust and reliable communications in high-density wireless deployments.

Fast, Secure and Flexible

  • Point-to-Multipoint base station and subscriber unit that delivers up to 866 Mbps data rate and covers distances up to 10 miles (16 km)
  • AES 128 encryption (Upgradeable to AES 256), Radius authentication, and highly-secure remote management via SSL/TLS1.2, SSH, and SNMPv3
  • Service flow based QoS with deep packet inspection (DPI) to ensure critical data arrives with priority
  • Built-in feature-rich network protocols for IPv4 and IPv6 bridging, routing and gateway functionality

Proxim SmartScan™

  • Performs background analysis of the full RF spectrum and creates channel availability tables to allow an immediate switch to a free channel in case of weather radar detection or interference
  • By removing the initial transmission delay, SmartScan makes DFS channel more efficient
  • It also opens access to the 5.600–5.650 GHz sub-band and enables effective use of up to 355 MHz of DFS spectrum

BeamX™ Antenna

  • Smart antenna delivering a 17° beam that electronically steers itself to the remote subscriber unit over a 60° sector, to limit interference from nearby RF sources
  • By improving the radio Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), BeamX enables higher modulations and thus improves throughput
  • BeamX speeds up deployment by removing the antenna alignment phase. Roughly aim at the remote end, and the BeamX technology does the fine-tuning, optimizing SNR

Rugged and Reliable

The Tsunami® MP-10250 BeamX product is designed for harsh environments, and is fully IP67 rated, and will deliver years of reliable service in conditions that include, high winds, high salt, and high-temperature extremes.

Product Line Compatibility

  • Tsunami® MP-10250-BSX Connects to all existing Tsunami® MP/XP 10100, MP-10100L, MP-8200, MP-820 and MP-830 products
  • Tsunami® MP-10250-SRX only connects to Tsunami® MP-10250-BSX
  • Fully integrates within ProximVision® Advanced Cloud Based Carrier Management System and Controller

Multi-Language Support

Web Interface available in English, French, Spanish and Chinese