Tsunami® MP-8260 Series


Tsunami® MP-8260 Series
Point-to-Multipoint 6.4 GHz Wireless Product Family
5.9 – 6.4 GHz
Up to 25 dBm (dual chain)

Point-to-Multipoint 6.4 GHz Wireless Product Family

6.4 GHz Wireless Product Family for WISP and Mobility Applications

The Tsunami® MP-8260 series, is the latest in our range of 6.4 GHz point-to-multipoint products. They support a data rate that delivers up to 300 Mbps over a 40 MHz channel. Designed specifically to work with the MP-826-CPE and MP-826-CPA products, the Tsunami® MP-8260 benefits from all features of the latest Tsunami® MultiPoint products but with the benefit of operating in the 6.4 Ghz band.

The Tsunami® MP-8260 Base Stations combined with the MP-826-CPE are an ideal solution for large-scale wireless deployments and provide and excellent value propositions to WISPs planning wireless broadband last-mile access deployments.

This platform also features a carrier-grade prioritization platform supporting multiple service classes and able to prioritize voice, video and data applications to enable granular management of customer service features.

High Value, Long Service Life

The combination of high reliability, license-free frequency bands, and guaranteed compatibility with past, current and future Proxim base station models, ensures a long service life, and an excellent return on investment.

  • Designed for harsh environments, the Tsunami® MP-8260 series is fully IP67 rated, and will deliver years of reliable service in conditions that include, high winds, high salt, and high temperature range

Flexible, Fast and Secure

  • Designed to deliver up to 300 Mbps of throughput.
  • Provides flexible channel planning with support for 5.900 to 6.425 GHz
  • Comes with a 2×2 MIMO high power radio capable of 25 dBm transmit power
  • Advanced encryption protects over-the-air transmission via AES-128
  • Uses Proxim’s Wireless Outdoor Routing Protocol (WORP®) to prevent snooping
  • Radio mutual authentication eliminates unauthorized use of the system by rogue subscriber units and man-in-the middle attacks

Near-Line-of-Sight and Advanced Features

  • Features dual Gigabit Ethernet ports with PoE out to power other devices such as surveillance cameras or additional radios
  • Performs deep packet inspection (DPI) to create unique and sophisticated service rules and tiered service classes with ease
  • BSU redundancy (500 milliseconds switch over time) and Dynamic Channel Selection to ensure continuity of services whatever the condition
  • Spectrum analyzer to analyze frequency bands for interference, and select the best available channel

Carrier-Grade Solution

  • Implements AES encryption and Radius authentication for the most secure outdoor wireless communications in the unlicensed frequency spectrum
  • Utilizes Proxim’s Wireless Outdoor Routing Protocol (WORP®), which prevents snooping, and features highly-secure remote management via SSL/TLS1.2, SSH and SNMPv3
  • Features Ethernet ports with pass-through IEEE 1588v2 synchronization and support for 9k Jumbo frame.

Product Line Compatibility

  • Connects to Tsunami® MP-8160 (rev 10 or higher) and MP-826 released since Q2 2014
  • Fully integrates within ProximVision® Advanced Cloud Based Carrier Management System and Controller

Key Technologies

Proxim WORP® – Combines network access control, data scheduling, advanced QoS and encryption to ensure highly efficient and secure data transmission.

Proxim ClearConnect™, a suite of interference mitigation technologies ensuring robust and reliable communications in high-density wireless deployments.

Proxim FastConnect™, mobility technology that delivers rapid hand-off between fixed base stations and moving vehicles to ensure uninterrupted broadband at speeds up to 295 km/h (185 mph).